take your great commission leadership to the next level.

"GPIN" is a network of specialized ministers who seek to strategically mobilize the Church to bring completion to the Great Commission. GPIN Members have the privilege of access to custom areas of tailored for certified Global Pathway trainers and teachers, as well as for those seeking certification.  In order for an individual to receive certification, he or she must purchase GPIN Membership and successfully complete the Certification Track.  Included in GPIN are the following features:


Included in "GPIN" are the following features:


The printed Global Pathway Trainer's Kit is contains props, tools, PowerPoint files, videos, and Trainer's Notes--all to empower the leader to conduct their own Global Pathway Conference or simply to allow the pastor to implement this transformational training in his or her own church. Utilization of the printed Trainer's Kit is essential as the certification candidate completes the "Train the Trainer" Online Course, and enables the learner to interact directly with the material. The Trainer's Kit also includes (2) additional sessions that are NOT included in the Student Manual, along with a resource USB featuring full-length videos of each of the training sessions.  NOTE: Shipping cost for Global Pathway Trainer's Kit is not included in cost of GPIN access.



This course features the FULL CONTENT of the Global Pathway University Edition (including "Kingdom Christianity" and "Great Commission Mandate" online modules.  Each module contains three to five 10 to 15 minute segments, featuring teaching principles from Dr. Jerry Williamson.  At the end of each segment, learners are required to answer a few questions before access is allowed to the next consecutive segment.  This online course is an excellent way to re-experience a Global Pathway Conference, or simply to digest this tranformational material for the first time.  This online course is identical to the general online course valued at $59.00 per course, and a .PDF version of the Global Pathway 2nd Edition Student Manual is included, valued at $20.00.  



To be considered for becoming a Certified Global Pathway Trainer or Teacher, candidates must successfully complete the Certification Track, which includes joining GPIN, taking the "Online Course" successfully, completing the "Train the Trainer" Online Course, passing the Online Certification Exam, and undergoing a brief interview with one of our Lead Trainers. Becoming a Certified Trainer or Teacher will also have your name, church or college, role, and email information posted on our Global List of Certified Trainers.  This brief course gives tips and tools for communicating the Global Pathway content effectively, including the live illustrations and group discussions.  




This area of GPIN offers access to the following exclusive content: 

  • .PDF copy of the Global Pathway Trainer's Kit with teaching notes on each module. 
  • PowerPoint Files (.pptx) for each module.
  • Entire Global Pathway Video Series (also included on Trainer's Kit USB).
  • Media Kit for hosting your own Global Pathway Conference (communication forms, banner templates, advertisement materials, etc.)
  • Country Readiness Review for evaluating a nation's readiness for receiving Global Pathway tools.  
  • Application Form for Certification. 



The GPIN Facebook Group (MEMBER ACCESS ONLY) is designed to serve as a "communication gate" for upcoming conferences, opportunities to get connected to other Certified Trainers, and to discuss YOUR insights as you seek to mobilize leaders around the world to take the Gospel to the least reached.  Once we confirm your GPIN Membership, you'll have instant access to this GPIN community of trainers. NOTE: Users must have an active Facebook Account to access this group. 

Global pathway international network (gpin) access with trainer's kit & Student Manual = $199.00* 

*Does not include SHIPPING for Global Pathway Trainer's Kit and Student Manual.

**GPIN Access is also included in the cost of the University Edition Trainer's Kit.