These members of the Global Pathway Executive Team, in addition to many other Certified Global Pathway Trainers around the world, serve to facilitate each Global Pathway Conference or Missions Conference.  To schedule a conference OR request a special speaker for an event, please fill out the "Schedule a Conference" form by clicking the button below. 


DR. JERRY WILLIAMSON, President of Go To Nations

Dr. Jerry Williamson is well-known for his zeal for missions and his ability to articulate God's global missions vision with clarity.  Interfacing with leaders around the world to help create national movements, Dr. Jerry travels extensively overseas helping missionaries and national leaders maximize their missions' efforts by providing Bible teaching and preaching, ministry planning, leadership training, Global Pathway and other ministry tools, as well as counseling. Jerry was ordained in 1982 and served as a Go To Nations missionary in Ecuador in 1985. He was appointed President in June of 2000 to oversee the Executive Leadership of the ministry and to be the voice of Go To Nations. In his flagship book, The Pulse of a Nation, he challenges the status quo for believers everywhere as he confronts America's growing post-Christian culture. He is highly respected as a missionary statesman and is appreciated for his help in the global advancement of missions organizations around the world.


Dr. JIM OXENDINE, Director of international mobilization

Jim and Sherry Oxendine serve as International Mobilization Directors for Go To Nations and are instrumental in training new Global Pathway Certified Instructors. They work with a team to train pastors and leaders around the world in Global PathwayGo To Nations' mission’s mobilization tool that serves as a pastor’s guide to building a Great Commission church.  Jim and Sherry desire is to see emerging Christian nations take a major step from being a “missions receiving” nation to becoming a “missions sending” force in the earth. The Oxendine’s travel extensively in order to train Pastors and leaders within the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, and Central and South America, as well as assisting churches in America. Jim and Sherry are ordained ministers and have served as Pastors of churches in America and in Russia.


SHERRY OXENDINE, Director of international mobilization

Jim and Sherry Oxendine have served Go To Nations as National Directors of Russia and as Eurasia Regional Directors. While living in Russia, Sherry created Unto the Least of These, Inc. to facilitate
ministry to orphans. She worked and ministered extensively in hundreds of orphanages in Russia and the Ukraine, providing humanitarian aid, mentoring and tons of love. In 2010, she began doing ministry to orphans in Guatemala and Honduras, as well as ministry to pastor’s wives and women leaders in the church. The Oxendines travel extensively to the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and within Central and South America, as well as assisting churches in America. Jim and Sherry are ordained ministers and have served as Pastors of churches in America and in Russia.


Dr. MITCH ARBELAEZ, latin america Mobilization projects director

Mitch served as the National Ministry Coordinator for the missions agency, Accelerating International Mission Strategies (AIMS) while earning a Master of Divinity degree in Missiology at Regent University. In 1997 Mitch founded Kingdom Builders Youth Ministries and simultaneously began work with China Harvest leading teams to South Korea and China. In 2000 Mitch became Senior Pastor of Church at the Cross and served for 7 ½ years. In 2007 Mitch joined Go To Nations taking on the role of Latin America Director for Global Pathway raising missions awareness among Latin American churches. Michelle earned a Masters of Counseling from Regent University and enjoys working with internationals and refugees in Jacksonville when she is not traveling and helping her husband. Basing out of the World Headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, Mitch and Michelle are part of the Go To Nation's world headquarter team assisting with leadership training and guidance to this worldwide agency. Mitch recently completed his doctoral dissertation with George Fox University centering on the missiological implications of globalization and how cultural intelligence can assist missionaries in doing contextualized theology in our multicultural world. He has crafted an 8 hour globalization and cultural intelligence workshop for churches and missionaries entitled Crossing the Great Divide. 


REV. JEREMY HENDERSON, vice-president of missions mobilization & communications

Jeremy's utmost desire in ministry has been to communicate the gospel creatively and effectively across ethnic and generational lines.  While serving as a school principal in 2014, Jeremy sensed a great urgency to minister in the area of global missions. Jeremy and Susan Henderson have been married for 17 years, and have two amazing children: Josiah James and Sophia Elizabeth.  Jeremy graduated with a B.A. in Church Ministries from Southeastern University, has been an ordained minister through the General Council of the Assemblies of God since 2006, and brings almost 20 years of educational, pastoral, and leadership experience to his role at Go To Nations as an International Missions Mobilizer. Jeremy assists to lead the Mobilization Division in developing emerging leaders in the Missionary Preparation and Orientation and Leadership Development Forum, training church leaders worldwide, and creating effective communication tools for the ministry. Highly valuing life-long learning, Jeremy plans to pursue an M.Div. degree with a concentration in Spiritual Formation.



Victor and Kathie Barousse are experienced field missionaries, seeing much fruit in church planting, leadership development and humanitarian / developmental work. They first encountered Go To Nations while already serving as missionaries in Siberia. Impressed with the results of the Global Pathway curriculum, they began service with Go To Nations in 2011. Victor and Kathie returned to Russia full-time, planting new works and aiding national church networks to embrace their Great Commission calling. Victor serves as national Director for Global Pathway - Eurasia, with a current role in Eastern Europe and East Africa, and a vision to mobilize national churches to raise up powerful, indigenous, self-supporting church-planting movements within some of the least reached peoples of the world. Now based at the Go To Nations World Headquarters, Victor and Kathie also serve together as Directors of Member Care, providing pastoral support and encouragement to Go To Nations’ world missions force.